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The Journal of Empire Studies redesign set a much more graphic stage for this teacher’s collection of interviews and research. The original site was build with a default WordPress theme focused on administration. The new “Newspaper” style layout focuses much more on the user experience. Titles are called out bolder and images are now displayed as leader content.

Some of the art on this site was commissioned solely for the articles. With the old design, most people never even saw the work. With the new design, you can’t help but notice all the unique imagery. One of Stu’s strong suits is focusing the user experience around what you are putting your effort into. Not only does this get your efforts noticed, but it attracts an audience that is looking for what you already enjoy providing.

That’s the balance of passion and work.

The new journal also has custom menu items to link to the teacher’s other work as well as prominent social follows including custom icons / links point to lesser know platforms.

This full site makeover transfomed a teacher’s blah blog to a beautiful Journal

JES’ Beautiful New Design

JES’ Old Design for Comparison