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Beautiful Web Design
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Stu has the experience and the technical knowledge to build websites that attract and engage customers. Old, stale websites are reborn with the look + content that customers enjoy and search engines appreciate. Leveraging the latest website development tools and technologies, Stu delivers stunning results.

Stu specializes in small business, entrepreneur and sole proprietor website development.

  • Hosting Help 80% 80%
  • E-mail Support 80% 80%
  • Business Integration 90% 90%
  • Web Development 90% 90%
  • Awesomeness & Fun 98% 98%
  • Satisfaction Guarantee 100% 100%

Website Design & Build

Stu goes well beyond building or redesigning a site for you. Stu gets into your business and figures out how to make people see the version of you that you see. Design is more than just making something have matching colors. It’s about visitors seeing what you want to communicate. It’s about getting the right visitors to stick around. It’s about directing your perspective clients to the offers you want them to buy.

Good design tells your story.

The portfolio highlights the different Internet directions and approaches that an incredible design can take your business.

What Is Included?

The full website design & development package includes:

  • Acquiring and register domain name
  • Setup and configuring site hosting
  • Installing and configuring WordPress
  • A premium WordPress theme (Divi or Genesis)
  • Creating a custom Website design for your business that looks great on all devices
  • Building up to five site pages.
  • Integrating customer manageable applets
  • Basic Website on-page SEO
  • Email box creation and configuration for up to five users.

Get a full website from start to finish including E-mail on your mobile phone!

How Much Does It Cost?

We offer simple pricing. Your website start->finish $6,700.

For most websites, everything is included in that price. Additional pricing if need the following:

$1,000 Shopping Cart – I need to sell multiple products through my website
$1,000 Speed Pack – I need search engines to see my site as fast and am willing to sacrifice design to get there
$500 Email Newsletter – I need to collect email address, create a list, and send branded emails
$110/hr Custom Integrations – I need a something to do this thing that I saw on another site or thought up on my own.

Not sure if what you want is included in the basic price? Contact Stu for a quick discussion.

How Long Will It Take?

Your site design will be ready for first view in 30days. Once we agree Stu is the right fit for designing your site, you’ll send a 50% deposit via check or Paypal. Within 30 days of the deposit clearing, a live site will be available for you to review and comment on.

  • The process begins with a call to discuss site objectives and design elements
  • Fonts & colors will be discussed and agreed on
  • You will provide two, three, or four sites that you like the look and feel of
  • The development process will begin
  • You will provide content as discussed on the site objectives call
  • Within 30 days, you’ll have a live site to review for changes

From there, it’s up to you:

  • We’ll make all the changes you want until you’re happy with the site going live!*
  • We’ll decide on a go-live date and Stu will make the site live to the world
  • The remaining balance will be due at that time
  • You’ll have 30 days from site go-live to have included assistance working with the site, fixing errors, and making design/content changes that “didn’t work out”

After that, Stu is available for maintenance, updating, and additions at a reduced hourly rate.

* This review and modification period is generally a week as most clients love their finished designs. In some rare cases – completely dependent on your requests and availability – this period can last longer.

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Holy crap! My social icons are awesome!

Jodi Rickards

In the sea of web designers, Stewart is definitely a standout, his responsiveness, professionalism, and mastery of the field is extraordinary. His heart and caring shine through, his ability to tackle any issue have greatly added to the success of my business.

Zat Baraka

EVERYTHING is awesome! I’m THRILLED with the site… Can’t say it enough. Thank you!!

Debbie Reber

Stu’s helpfulness, level of responsiveness, and speed of work were stellar. His customer service was through the roof!

Therese Schwenkler

Of all the people I know who are awesome, Stu is… awesome +1.

Steve Errey

Stu is fierce. Not only in web design, but in business tactic. Because of Stu, my coaching site is now a force to be reckoned with. Stu is a web design guru and a business branding wizard.

Diane Pauley

Website Development

Are you an amazing designer, but get bogged down developing the site on your own? Do you find yourself cutting corners because it’s taking too long to figure out the .css? Let’s connect.

Your design -> Full functioning website.

How does this work?

It’s simple!

  • You provide me a design in Photoshop, Illustration, Invision, MS Paint, etc
  • You provide me credentials for a hosting location you want the site on
  • I build your vision on a WordPress platform in 30days**

It’s THAT simple.

Animation, icons, transitions, efficient code… it’s all in there.

$3,700 – 50% before the project. 50% at go-live

If you’re ready to take your design business from solo-prenuer to design firm, you owe it to yourself to bid your projects accordingly. Add Stu’s cost into your estimate / quote for the client and hand that development work to someone who excels in it.

**Note: This timeline can be adjusted based on complexity of the design. If you need it quicker, we can adjust the price to make that happen.

Ready to take the next step in your design business?


Development Examples

Stu works with designers of all levels developing websites of a virtual cornucopia of complexity.

Stu is my go-to guy for all my web projects. He’s brilliant and creates elegant designs, with fabulous rapid-fire turnaround addressing every need. He’s a bright light and a joy to work with; I can’t recommend him highly enough.

A. Seymour

Stu is so skilled and efficient at EVERYTHING he does. It makes my life so much easier with him on our team. Stu rocks!

L. Garza

Stu is a rare find, because beyond his expert technical skills, he also has an eye for design, implements quickly, is accessible and reliable, can solve problems and find workarounds, and has wonderful sense of humor.

Sally Clapper

Stu goes above and beyond what I expected for the website.

Kristi D. Price

I can’t even express how incredible Stu’s work is. He’s my go-to favorite developer and he always goes the extra mile to max out site-awesomeness.

Sara Gorsky

Stu, you are awesome! The website looks GREAT. Thank you sooooooo much.

Victoria Blum


Stu is an ex-IT guru turned yoga teacher. Imagine going from high-paid corporate cog to a few hours weekly teaching an exercise class. Something has to keep the lights on. Enter: the 10+ year hobby of web design. That’s right! More than ten years experience… and it’s something Stu still loves doing. In fact, he learned design formally in his spare time.

A few years ago, Stu delved into the world of entrepreneurship learning the ways of marketing, branding, content creation and e-product development – in a way that a yogi felt comfortable doing it (read: non-sleezy).

Design education is coupled with IT knowledge to create an amazing mix of vision and execution. Inject that with proven Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Web Property experience and you’ve got the catalyst for a perfect business partner.

Stu refuses to stop at just the pretty pictures. You get valuable insight directly relating to your business online, from corporate environment to small business sensitivity to entrepreneur overwhelm. We’re going to show you how to tweak your business while building or refreshing your site!

Wait... what about Eighteen04?

In what feels like another life, whenever Stu felt like just hanging out at home, he’d tell the folks that he was going to Club 1804. That’s the house number of where he lives. It was a bit of a joke for them all. Things moved on and he’d brew beer calling it 1804 brewery. If people came over, it’d be “a party at 1804”.

The day came when a design project for school was to design a logo, letterhead, and business card for a company… and Eighteen04 was born. When it came time to create the LLC for this design business, the name choice was obvious.

Worst Email address to try and tell someone… so we moved to the new name! OK, that’s not the only reason.

Why work with Stu?

That’s easy!
1. Insanely competitive pricing
2. Guaranteed satisfaction
… most importantly
3. A whole lot of fun in the process

Call Stu at: