Steeplechase 5K Race

When your clients are runners,
your site should be available on the go.

View the live site:

Question: How do you make a 5k race site stand out among all the others?

Answer: Make it as mobile as it’s users.

The Radnor Red Steeplechase website is like any other race site: pictures of previous races, event date & time, registration info and results.  Throw in a couple features like online registration and a scrolling sponsor marquee and you’ve got a good site.

But, the group at the Steeplechase wanted an edge.

They got it!

Visit the site from your desktop and size the screen width.  Notice how all the elements shift into alignment?  This is called responsive design and it makes your site look good, be legible, and continue to function flawlessly on all types of devices from the home computer to tablets to mobile phones.  Don’t believe me?  Check out Radnor Red Run’s site on all your devices.