Digital Nomad Path

Even free templates offer limitless possibilities

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Digital Nomad Path has one primary goal: first contact.

DNP may have started as a free WordPress theme, but an extensive modification of the code and styling resulted in what you see now.

The home page is completely stripped of options.  Visitors are called to do one of two things: opt in to the mail list or take the survey.  Both options lead to an e-mail address.  The funnel on this page is clear: get an e-mail address.  A testimonial and an example post are also presented to the visitor.

When a user opts in to the mailing list, they receive a twelve week autoresponder e-mail series.  Over the course of the twelve e-mails, recipients are shown multiple offers to purchase products or services along with free content that is useful, original, and actionable.  The free content creates authority, while the advertisements generate income.

The survey makes use of a free Google tool and seamlessly integrates into the site.

Once inside the site, we see a sidebar pointing to opt-in again, two ways to personally connect to visitors, a section of service offerings and a footer with recent and hand-picked content, again directing the visitor to the information you want them to see.