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Debbie Reber

Debbie Reber IS Debbie Reber

NOTE: The live site has been re-designed, since it’s original creation by us

Sometimes, you ARE your brand. Debbie Reber is that sometimes. While her color schemes brand her online imagery, the final product is Debbie herself. It’s no wonder we decided to front-load her website with a large image of her. Couple that with her simple, but descriptive, tagline and a large opt-in box and I think you get the idea of what the goal of her homepage is.

This is me. I do that. Sign up for it.

Debbie had a single site and decided to split it into two sites. She now has a separate author site and a coaching site.

You’ll see a bunch of opt-in boxes focused on building a list of email address. She’ll use these when she launches her new books as well as promote speaking engagements on the topics that hit home for her. We focused this site on user engagement… and her big users are teenage girls. Nothing like knowing you’re target audience, right? You’ll notice lots of “fun” bits like opening/closing boxes, parallax style backgrounds, and opaque boxes with pops of colors that connect each page with the book or theme it’s about.

Speaking of engagement, we’re using a new tool that helps people feel exclusive by limiting a section of her site to registered members only – but the cool part? Login is only your email address, and guess where that goes?

Debbie’s new coaching site continues with most of the elements from her author website. When you have multiple websites, you want the to look similar enough so your clients know that it’s you, but different enough to differentiate your different offering. Stu has plenty of experience pulling in elements of your brand while keeping a fresh new feel.