Ebook Conversion

Eighteen04 provides text to Ebook conversion and design including:

  • Dynamic page formatting to support E-readers
  • Consistent Text styling defining the look and feel
  • Picture integration and layout
  • Conversion to Kindle, Epub, and PDF formats

We can also help you with Ebook launch strategy. In less than a month, you can have your manuscript selling on Amazon!


When converting an EBook, there are a few things to know about formats: 1. Amazon Kindle Direct does not require the purchase of an ISBN. All others do.

2. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – Select allows you to offer your book for free 5 days every 3 months.

a. Don’t underestimate the great promotional power this has.

“Top” free books are shown on Amazon right next to “Top” sellers. Amazon does not discern between “Free” and “Sold” when determining book rank. It is a quick way to generate reviews which are crucial for Amazon sales.

b. It requires that you commit to only publishing on Amazon for the duration of the Select program (90 days).

3. If you decide to go with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – Select, the only format you need to worry about is .mobi.

Demo Downloads

Below are demo files (a few chapters) of one of the books I converted to e-Format. The Word copy is available to show what the original format looked like. PDF, epub, and Kindle (mobi) formats of the same document are available for comparison.

Word, PDF, and ePub tend to be read on PC’s and devices with bigger screens. People, and often times “professional” converters, tend to forget how different the Kindle readers are from everything else. In books with large words, like business books or complicated science and mathematics material, it can be more beneficial (easier on the reader) to left justify the text, which is fully justified like a newspaper by default on Kindle. Below is the same Kindle example, but with the text forced to left justify and automatic hyphenation turned off.

Some things to notice

If this is your first conversion, pay attention to some of the following details (in my work and others)


The header and footer designs remain in the document post-conversion. The cover image quality is retained through conversion (high-res cover required).


Table of contents button works. Automatic indention of paragraphs is disabled (or blank space removed from between paragraphs – a good book will not have both). Start of reading configured to something other than the first actual page after the cover. .ncx file active (for skipping through content and showing quantity read)


Cover linked in Table of Contents. Cover is the last item viewed when scrolling, too. Images retain correct justification and text surround.

Get Started

Prices start at $250. You’ve spent how many hours writing your masterpiece? Don’t let an auto-conversion turn it into an afternoon special.

If you have any questions about EBook conversion, or would like to discuss specifics to your manuscript, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stewart brings technical know-how, marketing savvy, and design sense to all his work. He is a pleasure to work with — he has my highest recommendation.

Tom Durwood

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