Incredible Content

Eighteen04’s in-house writer and content creator (that’s Stu!) is available for content creation and review on a freelance basis. Want to know more about Stu’s writing style? Of course not. You want to read actual examples.

Recent topics include:
Fatherhood / Teens
Life & Love

Ongoing topics at his personal Blogs:
Tactical advice achieving and thriving with Professional Freedom.
The mystical side of navigating daily life at Unbranded

Curious if he’s interested in writing on your topic? Don’t hesitate to Ask.

Most 500 – 750 word original pieces start at $150 on contract for multiple work. Content review is on an hourly or barter rate.

Looking for a professional blogger? How about someone to spruce up your content and add your voice? Stu’s awesome… seriously, he has references. (see the home page) Get in touch.