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The Unbranded Yoga website was designed with three goals:

  • Define who the instructor is and create an authority
  • Showcase the services the instructor offers
  • Create a place for the instructors writing/blog

A premium theme was fully customized to an over-artistic design complimenting the client’s often over-the-top personality.  An aggressive heading font was chosen to highlight the urgency of his message.  A whispy hand-drawn font was used to compliment the large heading show-casing the flowing nature of his ideas. Drop caps were added to give an old world feel to the text, highlighting the instructors often reaching into the past for inspiration.

Real images were used to help connect the audience directly with the person running the website, giving a face the the name and words.

Functionally, the Unbranded site encourages people to submit their e-mail addresses in exchange for a free download.  The download spreads the client’s message while the e-mail address is added to a list that gets automatically updated when a new blog post is created.

An events calendar was added allowing users to quickly and easily see the next time a class or event is being held.

Internal pages add a side bar with social media connection, another chance for e-mail opt-in, the calendar, and links to other sources of the author’s writing.

Other pages includes the side-bar as well, adding engaging images and client testimonials drawing perspective customers’ attention.