Krist D. Price - Matchmaker

You HAVE to resonate with your audience

NOTE: The live site has been re-designed, since it’s original creation by us

Like much of Eighteen04’s work, Krisit was a referral from another client. When Kristi first called, she had a little bit of a website started by a friend. She wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted – but she knew what she had wasn’t it.

After a good discussion about what Kristi liked doing, what she does best, and what she wanted to be doing more of, we decided together to design a website with a bold homepage that simply – and visually – tells her customers what she did. There’s very little text and very large imagery. Visitors have the option to click one of her offers OR call her. That’s it. Either way, Kristi gives her clients more information.

Speaking of more information, taking a look around her site, you’ll continue to see bold emotional imagery that targets the feelings her clients are already having. This tells her visitors that Kristi already gets where they are. Stu worked with Kristi to hand pick unique images that portray the loneliness and confusion of the dating scene. That’s what Kristi is in the business of – helping people stop feeling confused and lonely and start feeling confident.

Yeah, it’s pretty. Yeah, it’s simple. BUT,  the backend is no slouch. The forms on her website integrate all the information directly into her client management system while also notifying her there was a submission. This allows her to take action right away.